Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Day After

As we all walk in a post election daze, not all for the same reasons, I can only attempt a feeble response to this global phenomena. Brack Obama winning the U.S. election and in one fell swoop, redefining race relations in the US by wiping out the nation's original sin, and presenting the world a new vision of humanity...bla bla bla. No trust me, this is not a cynical retort, it is the result of sleep deprivation and the ineffable joy in my heart that I know I share with billions round the world. But I am nonetheless obliged to say something. Hmmmm.. well "Ex America semper aliquid novi" a quote by that famous philosopher "Tunji the Junior." America always brings us something new!
Now wait a minute buster... that's no original quote! Sorry. the real quote of course is Ex Africa semper alquid novi attributed to Pliny the Elder and it means more or less that Africa always brings us something new! Well this certainly is new, but is it relevant? Hey Brack's father is from Kenya right? Well... Africa, no better still, Africa and America always brings us something new!


ababoypart2 said...

Came here via Jeremy's blog. Like the line "Africa and America always brings us something new!" - its true...its d.... true

debo said...

Fifty Sense said...

Debo, I visited your link.. Ouch.. because beyond the semi-racist screed, some of it true. I guess we all have to wait for something really NEW to come out of Africa