Saturday, August 30, 2008


Last week, I suppose that like many millions (38 million to be exact) in the US, we spent our eyes glued to the incredible spectacle of the Democratic Convention in Denver unfolding in HDTV. It was especially poignant for me because I watched this historic event in the company of Atinuke my politically conscious 8 year old and her Mum, a self-described Obama-mama. The only fly in the ointment came afterwards with the announcement of McCain's running mate, a choice so cynical that it spurred Atinuke to herself toss her hat in the ring. She was not going to stand for this faux Hillary impersonator, so she has decided to run herself. The details are here:
But seriously, listening to the "sisters" Michelle and Hillary make their respective speeches, just underscored what I have always maintained; the world is not going to get far without the active involvement and participation of women in all spheres and at all levels. But I must issue a caveat here, by women, I don't mean all women. For example, what is to be made of Ndi Okereke-Onyiuke? As media would say, "In another related story, the chairperson of the Nigerian Stock Exchange... in a nutshell this really unsavory woman conducted a 419 fund raiser for Obama drawing the righteous ire of right thinking Nigerians. I mention this as a sharp counterpoint to the type of women that we all need right now in positions of leadership. See the link below

As the Obama phalanx marches on post the incredible convention and hopefully straight on to the White House, I am grateful that I could see in Michelle and Hillary that potent distaff promise that the world is yet to fully redeem. Perhaps in Atinuke's time. As for the brothers and Obama here is what I think:

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